A Day out with Maaria: College Freshman and Fashion Enthusiast

When my cousin Maaria told me she wanted to hang out with me in downtown Chicago and take pictures, I was extra excited to do so. She has just started college and is embarking on an exciting phase of learning more about herself, her interests and what she wants to pursue as a career and passion. It was really nice to capture and engage her thoughts in this moment. I hope you enjoy the conversation and photos!


How would you describe your current state of mind?

My current state of mind? Well, I would honestly say that lately I've been dealing with a  few rough patches. With that being said, it causes a lot of emotional trauma but my goals are to look past it all and keep working and achieving things that make me happy and successful. I believe no one will get over their fear unless they put themselves out there which is something I am working on continuously. 

Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone on a similar path as yours?

I would have to say, for anyone starting college be sure and stay on task with your assignments otherwise it is really easy to fall behind. Counselors are your best friends. They will guide you into the right direction if you just seek help from them. I love setting goals for myself, it really helps me stay motivated and look forward to the future instead of dwelling in the past. Being anxious  is completely normal, everyone goes through it but maintaining a day to day routine really helps with keeping yourself busy and productive.
Maaria and I stopped to eat at Pizano's

Maaria and I stopped to eat at Pizano's

What are some interests of yours?

I love spending my time reading/viewing some interior decorating and lifestyle blogs/videos or re-watching my favorite movies. And I can't do either of those things unless I have a cup of tea in my hands.

You've expressed that you intend to start a blog in the near future, why are you interested in blogging?

Blogging is something I've always took interest in. In my junior year of high school I started my first fashion/beauty blog. I eventually started to lose interest because it just seemed like I was running out of ideas. Now, as a freshman in college, and coming back from a trip to Pakistan I've realized that my passion for blogging is still there. I just needed to come up with blog posts that actually mean something to me. That is why I've decided to create a lifestyle blog that is dedicated to everything--not just one specific topic. I will be covering topics from different events going on in the world to the different things going on in my life. My blog should be launched by early March. The name is: Sincerelymaariam.wix.com
Maaria is wearing a Michael Kors jacket and Vince Camuto boots

Maaria is wearing a Michael Kors jacket and Vince Camuto boots

Here are some more photos of our time walking around downtown: