The Art of Family

we come in to each other



we are each other's pain

each other's joy

we get ugly

we get beautiful

we are generations

we are traditions


a chaotic tapestry

as abstract as ever

and there's no shame in this


Her touch












only with her touch

is everything made right

the wrinkle in your blanket

the sadness in your chest

the madness in your voice

she's more than your blood

she was a vessel for your life

and she still holds you


Moments that Enrich

Affection never fails to demonstrate the boundlessness of love and mercy within human beings. I think about bonds alot--spiritual & emotional and how they manifest in our lives. The moments in these pictures happened without push or prompting. I believe they happened on their own, borne from an innate inclination of human beings to love and be loved. I like how this kind of intimacy colors our lives and makes it rich.