Huda in rogers park

"Leaves" are a theme in many of my photos, apparently. Not only are the colors rich and calming, I think they're awesome for framing my pictures. Pictured here is Huda, a really good friend of mine who I met in college. I really value Huda because of her warmth, generosity and her brilliant mind. There are many times I feel strongly about something but I can't really articulate well why this or that is evoking certain feelings in me. Huda is able to analyze and articulate things so well. I often find myself finding clarity in her words. She is an excellent friend and also an advocate of my best self. 

Huda has a very strong mind of her own which is so necessary in a world that insists that we be subservient in one way or another. I appreciate that she has challenged my preconceived notions and my blind spots. She will challenge you to be sharp in the mind and humane in the heart. I am very grateful for her friendship. I can't wait to create more things with her. Check out her photography at huda.abdelfatah on Instagram.