Lunch & impromptu shoot w/ mom

There's never a time to stop recognizing and seeing the beauty in the ones you keep in your life. It's easy to tire of the ones closest to you and take them for granted. Remind yourself why you love them and remind them why they are loved.


Huda in rogers park

"Leaves" are a theme in many of my photos, apparently. Not only are the colors rich and calming, I think they're awesome for framing my pictures. Pictured here is Huda, a really good friend of mine who I met in college. I really value Huda because of her warmth, generosity and her brilliant mind. There are many times I feel strongly about something but I can't really articulate well why this or that is evoking certain feelings in me. Huda is able to analyze and articulate things so well. I often find myself finding clarity in her words. She is an excellent friend and also an advocate of my best self. 

Huda has a very strong mind of her own which is so necessary in a world that insists that we be subservient in one way or another. I appreciate that she has challenged my preconceived notions and my blind spots. She will challenge you to be sharp in the mind and humane in the heart. I am very grateful for her friendship. I can't wait to create more things with her. Check out her photography at huda.abdelfatah on Instagram. 

Nayiab & CEW Design Studio

This portrait session with Nayiab is one of my favorites. Nayiab and I set out to create some images last year with some hand-knitted pieces made by Bosnian refugees whose work is supported by Creatively Empowered Women Design Studio. I was super inspired by the space CEW Design has created for women coping with PTSD from experiencing war, genocide and the daunting endeavor of relocating to a far, distant and unfamiliar land. CEW combines art therapy and economic empowerment for these women to regain a foothold on life and re-emerge as resilient, capable and confident women. Check out the pieces on Nayiab and take a look at CEW's website when you have a chance!

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